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Daily List of Exports Imports is the primary source of export import information.

In the Era of Make in India and Startup India, encouragement of Domestic Manufacturing, Transparency, Ease of Business , Encouragement of Exports and Trade Felicitation are the core guidelines of our National Policy.

IceGate under CBEC has been publishing Daily List of Export Import under the above national policy, However, suddenly in November 2016, the publication has been stopped without any cogent reason.


for Domestic Industry

  • Checking Dumping.
  • Compete with Imports.
  • Plan Non Tariff Barriers.
  • Identify New high profit and high margin products for Domestic manufacturing.
  • Planning for new investments.

for Exporters

  • Move from saturated products and markets and diversify into new high profit and high margin products.
  • Planning for investments.

for Importers

  • Price research helps the Economy to Import at right price.
  • Volume Research helps the Economy import exact quantities required , thus avoid on surplus inventories. Eg ; Recent mad rush to import Electronics products from China by some Delhi based importers which later become bankrupt due to huge inventories and losses.
  • Basically helps the Industry to stay competitive and plan and act intelligently at optimum level.



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To selected decision makers in Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Commerce and relevant trade bodies.


Delegation of Daily List Users Association met Minister of State Finance Shri Santosh Gangwarji

Delegation of Daily List Users Association met CBEC Chairman Shri Najib Shah

Delegation of Daily List Users Association met Member Customs Ms Ananya Ray

Delegation of Daily List Users Association met JS Customs Shri Satya Srinivasan


Publication of Daily List is a global practice, and due to national interest countries like US and China publish
them with names of companies, despite stiff privacy laws.
USA Daily List

US Daily List of Imports is published with names of US importers, Overseas Suppliers. While in case of Exports it is published with names of US Exporters.

View List
Srilanka Daily List

Srilanka Daily List is published with names of Srilanka Consignee and Shipper details.

View List
Indonesia Daily List

Indonesia Daily List of Imports is published with names of Foreign Exporters and Indonesian Importers details.

View List
Russia Daily List

Russia Daily List of Imports is published with names of Foreign Exporters and Russian Importer details.

View List


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Daily List is the only realtime source of information for foreign trade and protection of domestic industry.

Raakesh Saraff | Founder and Chairman
Daily List Users Association


Request to look into the important issue and take necessary steps towards making export import data available on daily basis.

A Didar Singh
Secretary General

Request to Restore Daily List !!

D S Rawat
Secretary General

Request to Restore Daily List !!

Satish Pai
Vice President

Request your immediate intervention to not only restore this publication, but also see how this can become better in line with trends in other parts of Globe.

Sourabh Sanyal
Secretary General

Request to Restore Daily List !!

Dr Rajeev Singh
Director General

Request to Restore Daily List !!

Suresh Agarwal

Trade data transparency will drive value & efficiency for customers !!

Abhishek Iyer
Sr Marketing Manager- Asia

Request to restore daily list !!

Arnaud Lefevre
Sales & Marketing Director

I think this needs to be made transparent... This is very useful data... !!

Murali Iyer
Vice President

"The industry is growing, export-import is the backbone. Data for analysis is mandatory !!

Tanmay Gor
Technical Director

This is really required to enhance transparency in system !!

Lalit Baid
China Sourcing Consultant

Free, reliable and timely information is the key of efficient economies !!

Pierre Ricau
Agro Market Analyst

knowledge is sharing. Hope we trade on an open market.

Somas Kandhan
CEO, NI Exim

we would certainly need data to be competitive in the global market

Ramakrishna Edara
AGM Business Development

Export & Import data shall help industry to know available market, competition and thus make themselves ready to face the competition.

Rajendra Sharma
AGM- Finance

It is important to reinstate this information which would help importers and exporters from being exploited by suppliers with over pricing.

Maruti DN Sarma B
Head- Operations, AMTEK

It is good to have such data on real time basis. India is moving towards digital age then why such data should delay to come on real time basis.

Suresh Chitlangya
Director, GSR Marketing

Was there any public consultation before the Nov notification was issued? What parties are in favor of not publishing daily list and what are the reasons behind their stand?

Hrisheekesh Sabnis
Corp. Strategy Professional
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